Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Costumes On Parade!

As I was contemplating the need of a rentals catalog, I wondered how many costumes are in our rentals department. I chose a random section of a random rack and counted how many hangers I could see within a span of three feet. There were over fifty. And we have six of these two-sided racks that span the length of the building. So how many rentals costumes do we have? Answer: lots. And, like a bizarre game of Pokemon, I gotta catch them all! (Photographically speaking.)

But how does one expeditiously photograph such a large quantity of costumery? By trapping some unsuspecting victims to be your living mannequins! We hosted a costume parade, and some of our Facebook fans excitedly signed up to model. Wanting to do the thing right, we asked Pashaa to come in with his green screen and have some fun. Here are some preliminary outcomes!

 Here is Joyce, modeling a vintage 1920s ensemble consisting of a sage overcoat and cream hat. Doesn't she look glamorous?

 Her daughter Genevieve in a ball gown of the store owner's making. Proof that princesses aren't all fluff puffs and glitter.

Co-worker Wolfie rockin' a vintage traveler look.

 Ashley, posing as the perfect pre-ball Cinderella, taking a moment from her usual chores to enjoy the quiet out-doors.

 Angie, looking Spanish and mysterious in a red Renaissance gown.

 Angie again, looking less mysterious and a little angry in a Glinda-gone-wrong. We try not to take ourselves too seriously here. 

We ended up photographing over 20 costumes in two hours' time, proof that many hands make light work. We'll certainly be doing these costume parades again. A big huge thanks to Pashaa and Marci and their amazing artistic skills, and to our lovely models who made the evening such a blast!


  1. AWESOME!!! I like what you said better about my outfit being "pre-ball Cinderella", I LOVE Cinderella! :D

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