Thursday, March 3, 2011


         Welcome to Mask Costumes! We're a full service little costume shop in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I'm the costume rentals manager, and after spending an afternoon in a seat belt crash-test simulator dressed as the princess Belle and arguing with Cinderella about how the incident was her fault and that she'd better have insurance, I realized something:

Thanks to the costume shop, I (and my coworkers) get to experience a lot of the more unique things in life.

      In what other occupations can you so readily end up on a reality TV show pilot without even auditioning, or find yourself discussing with Disney what costumes will work for their project.                                                                                  *coughcoughHighSchoolMusicalcough*

A moment from the TLC show "Outrageous Kid Parties", featuring our costumes.  Photo thanks to The Castle in Layton, Ut.

         There is only a handful of us employees at the store, but we have stories that are begging to be told and an abundance of knowledge (both legitimate and random) of the costume/makeup/wig/theatrical world to share.  And we *love* sharing what we've learned.  Over this blog I hope to not only impart some anecdotal incidents but also give tips and answer questions (please send me questions).  It can be a scary thing, finding the costumes you need for that work presentation, or figuring out how to apply old age makeup to 170 elementary school kids without having any kind of makeup background.  Our experience is your easy button.  And hopefully, along the road of this mysterious world of "blog", we'll help you to not only feel comfortable in the world of costuming, but a welcome part of is as well.    

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  1. Holly you are a GREAT writer! This blog is such a good idea - I'll be checking in often. ;)